How do I clean my leather jacket?

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Can a leather jacket be washed?

Before you do anything, you need to know exactly what material your garment is made of. In most cases, a quick glance at the label will tell you everything you need to know. On the label you will find information about the raw material composition, as well as detailed manufacturer’s recommendations concerning washing and maintenance. It is worth taking advantage of these tips. Usually, stains are quite easy to remove, but an unskilful cleaning of a leather jacket can cause the garment to deteriorate. Here are some practical tips that you should know!

  1. Avoid machine washing. You can either use a professional laundry service or clean your jacket manually at home.

  2. Heavily soiled leathers can be cleaned with a damp cloth soaked in soapy water beforehand.

  3. Clean the lining with a sponge and soapy water. Rub the fabric gently to remove dirt.

  4. Hang the jacket on a hanger and leave it to dry.

How do I remove stains from a leather jacket?

Over time, marks from daily use appear on clothes. The lighter the leather, the more visible they are. While powder and foundation residues can be removed quite easily – usually just by wiping the spot with a damp cloth – grease or pen stains are more challenging. In case of stains, try to clean the jacket as soon as possible. As most smooth leathers are coated with a protective layer of pigment on the outside, a drop smeared on the surface will not soak into the material. Stains can therefore be removed quite easily.

How do you clean stains from a leather jacket? Just in case, it is better to resign from using agents which contain solvents in their composition. Although such products are effective in removing dirt, there is a high risk that they may discolour the material, which you do not want. For greasy stains, try sprinkling the dirt with grated chalk or talcum powder, wait a few hours, and then wipe the leather with a cloth. Using a specialist leather cleaner is also a good option. These types of products are designed for leather garments – which makes them effective as well as safe. They do not cause discolouration or change the texture of the material.

Can a leather jacket be ironed?

To avoid creases, make sure the garment is stored properly. Leather garments should be hung loosely in the wardrobe – avoid folding them or hanging them tight. What if the jacket has already developed pronounced creases and folds? This usually happens when you take it out of the suitcase after a long journey, or simply because you have been careless.

  1. It is often enough to remove creases with a hair dryer. To do this, apply warm air to the jacket – this softens the fabric and it should straighten out naturally.

  2. If that does not help, you can iron the dry leather with an iron which is not too hot and without using steam – preferably through a cotton cloth.

  3. The safest thing to do, however, is to take your leather jacket to a professional laundry.

How else should you look after your leather jacket?

If you want your favourite leather jacket to serve you for a long time, take care of it properly. Both pigmented smooth leathers and open-pored aniline leathers need to be maintained. Before impregnating, check which type of material you are dealing with, as each one requires a slightly different preparation.

  • The former has a dye and varnish protected top layer. This allows a drop of water to remain on the surface of the jacket and simply run off when rubbed.

  • Anilines, on the other hand, are already devoid of a protective polymer coating. In their case, water easily soaks in.

In order to keep the material in good condition, at least once a year, apply a lotion or impregnating oil dedicated to a given leather type to the outer surface of your leather jacket. Thanks to regular maintenance, it will retain its beautiful appearance, softness and smoothness, as well as all its properties.

Good quality leather is essential!

Properly finished, it does not get damaged and looks like new even after many seasons of daily wear. Thanks to regular impregnation it becomes naturally resistant to dirt, and possible stains can be easily cleaned. Therefore, when investing in clothes and accessories made of leather, bet on the highest quality of raw materials and careful workmanship. We do not accept compromises in this matter. If you do not accept compromises either, then do not hesitate to visit FAN LEATHER! In our Internet Shop you will find a unique collection of men’s and women’s leather clothing for the spring/summer 2021 season – check it out!


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